Berlin Institute of Technology, Project-oriented Laboratory
Contact person: Dipl.-Ing. Holger Gaul


Designed E-Learning tools for the course Project-oriented Laboratory, Bachelor, Electrical Engineering

Created concepts for integrating the E-Learning tools into the teaching process

Specified and implemented these tools with PHP and JavaScript

Prepared the final project report: Added value, didactical planning and the use of media in E-Learning offerings

E-Learning Tools

Here, you will find the E-Leaning tools that I have developed for the ProLab course.

Determine the resistor!

Determine the resistor! In this game, your task is to determine the dimension of a resistor by analyzing its color code.
There are two versions of the game, the easy version and the hard version, so that you can understand the game easily. In the easy version, you can see the color code table directly beside the game, so that you can determine the resistor by reading the values from the table. But the goal of the game is, that you learn to determine the dimension of resistors without using the color code table. So, if you think that you memorized the color code table, try the hard version!

To the game - E12 values (easy) >>
To the game - E12 values (hard) >>
To the game - E24 values (easy) >>
To the game - E24 values (hard) >>

OA quiz

OA quiz Operational amplifier are one of the most important electronic modules used in the ProLab. To establish a safer and faster work in the laboraty, it is very important for you to understand and to know how to calculate the basic operational amplifier circuits.
The goal of this game is the calculation of the output voltage with given input voltage and resistor values.

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Breakout Do you remember the Atari classic game Breakout? This game is a modified version. Your task is to navigate the ball in that way, so that you can hit the electronic modules and their eletronic symbol and destroy them!
You can play the game as follows: Once you opened Breakout in the browser, you can activate the applet by clicking with the mouse on it. The game will start after pushing the Space button on your keyboard. You can move the bat with the cursor buttons. And that's it!
Don't forget to install and activate Java in your browser!
Thanks to the developer of this applet, Sean Bridges!

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