Required Courses

Course Type
Theoretical Computer Science Integrated course
Hardware Laboratory Laboratory
Operating System Programming Laboratory

1st major: Systems Analysis and IT

Course Type
Systems Analysis Integrated course
Computer-aided Systems Analysis Integrated course
Net Business Tools Integrated course
Competitive assessment of IT Landscapes in the global telecom industry Project
Strategic IT Management Seminar

2nd major: Open Communication Systems

Course Type
Open Communication Systems Lecture
Advanced Communication Systems Lecture
Tracing IPv6 routes Project

3rd major: Database Systems and Information Management

Course Type
Information Modeling Integrated course
Database Systems Integrated course
Technical Information Systems Integrated course

4th major: Power Electronics

Course Type
Power Electronics Integrated course
Microcontroller Laboratory Project


Course Type
Information Security Management Integrated course

Elective Courses

Course Type
Academic English – Presentation, writing and key skills Integrated course
Academic English – Reading, Listening, Speaking Integrated course
Process optimization by means of the Six Sigma methods Workshop
Information Management Integrated course
Product design in the Telecommunications and IT world Integrated course

Master Thesis

Using a Semantic Multidimensional Approach to create a Contextual Recommender System