College Projects

Microcontroller Laboratory

Berlin Institute of Technology

Apr 2008 – Jul 2008

Development of a sorting machine by using the microcontroller MC68332 by Motorola, which sorts different euro coins, counts the sorted money and identifies false money.

Complete setup

Complete setup of the sorting machine

Visualization of the results in Visual C#

Implemented interfaces in C for the output of debug and error messages as well as the sensor and coin values on the microcontroller for all group members

User interface of the sorting machine

At the bottom of the user interface, you can see the general settings, such as a COM port selection in order to connect with the microcontroller or a Reset button for resetting the money counter. Furthermore, all debug and error messages are displayed here for bugfix purposes. The middle section shows a picture of the coin, which is rolling down the metal rail and which is identified by the sensors. The sensor values are displayed on the top-left, whereas on the top-right, the money counter counts the coins that are already sorted.

Video of the sorting machine

Documentation: Münzsortiermaschine mit Falschgelderkennung (German)

IPv6 Project: Tracing IPv6 routes

Berlin Institute of Technology

Mar 2008 – Jul 2008

It is obvious that IPv6 will replace IPv4 in the near future. IPv6 provides many new opportunities for the internet communication. Its extensibility allows creating new features by adding so called extension headers to the IPv6 header.
This project is about implementing a Tracing extension header, which allows network operators to track data packet routes. With this information, it will be possible for them to have an overview about the network configuration, so that they can identify possible bottlenecks at an early stage.


  • C/C++ programming experience
  • Understanding of communication networks



Implemented a Tracing extension header to save the IPv6 addresses of the routers visited by a data packet.

Tracing in IPv6

Implemented a Hop-by-Hop Options header with a TracingInfo option in order to control whether tracing is enabled or disabled.

Hop-by-Hop Options Header with TracingInfo Option

Implemented an ICMPv6 Tracing Info Message in order to send the route information back to the sender.

ICMPv6 Tracing Info Message

Documentation: Tracing IPv6 routes

Workshop: Process optimization by means of the Six Sigma methods

Berlin Institute of Technology

Feb 2008 – Mar 2008

Implemented a class in C#, which contains all statistical calculations in Six Sigma projects

Created a GUI to simply enter all required values for the calculations

Certificate: Yellow Belt in Six Sigma

Six Sigma Calculator

Six Sigma Calculator The Six Sigma Calculator is an open-source software that supports Six Sigma projects by handling all statistical calculations within the DMAIC cycle. Please feel free to download and use the software!

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Systems Analysis Project

Motorola, Inc.

Oct 2006 – Jul 2007

Analysis of the IT landscape in the global telecom industry focusing on market leaders

IT areas

Application Landscape

  • Matrix Top 25 IT applications
  • Market-based Reference Model

Process capabilities and maturity

  • Organizational models
  • IT Process Standards

IT infrastructure & technologies

  • Trends in IT infrastructure

Presented the results of the assessment to Motorola Headquarters in Chicago

Knowledge database

Designed a knowledge database for Motorola to manage the information gathered for competitive assessment and the information that will be gathered in the future