The last two Software Campus Seminars

Wednesday, 12/11/2013, 12:38:30

This month, I had my last two Software Campus seminars. DATEV invited us to their office building in Nuremberg where we attended the Strategic Innovation Management seminar. The seminar was very well organized including a nice chat with CEO Prof. Dieter Kempf and a delicious gala dinner. However, the workshop itself consisted more or less only of practical group work and could have provided more theoretical insight into Innovation Management.

The Leadership seminar of T-Labs, on the other hand, lasted three days and was fully packed with theoretical knowledge about various leadership models. Here, in contrast to the workshop at DATEV, I would have appreciated more practical work.

In my opinion, the balance between practical work and theory should always be given in those workshops. Nevertheless, I very much appreciate attending them since I have learned a lot in terms of management skills.

Below, you will find a Software Campus promotional video featuring me:

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Software Campus Workshops

Wednesday, 11/27/2013, 21:25:47

Abdulbaki @Ideation and Business Planning WorkshopBy now, I have attended two more Software Campus workshops. In June, I took part in the Scenario Planning seminar organized by Bosch Software Innovations in Stuttgart. Here, we have learned how to create alternative long-term scenarios for the future in order to enable companies to adapt their strategy whenever those scenarios turn into reality.

The Ideation and Business Planning Workshop organized at the EIT ICT Labs, on the other hand, dealt with the principles of creativity, innovation and the Design Thinking approach and further introduced the Business Model Elements according to A. Osterwalder. Within groups, we worked on real startup ideas provided by the workshop participants.

Both workshops were very helpful and widened my horizon. In December 2013, there are two more seminars to join!

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OpenMobileNetwork Predictions Visualizer

Wednesday, 11/13/2013, 21:20:01

In order to implement energy-efficient reconfiguration mechanisms in mobile telephony networks as proposed by the project Communicate Green, it is essential to anticipate traffic hotspots, so that a network's configuration can be adjusted in time accordingly. Hence, predicting the movement of mobile users on a cellular level of the mobile network is a crucial task.

In our paper Predicting User Mobility in Mobile Radio Networks to Proactively Anticipate Traffic Hotspots presented at the MOBILWARE 2013 conference, we propose a Movement Prediction System that allows to determine the future movement of a user on a cellular level using precomputed movement patterns.

OMN Predictions Visualizer

The performance of the algorithm is evaluated based on real and live user movement data from the OpenMobileNetwork. Furthermore, the predicted user movements are visualized in the OpenMobileNetwork Predictions Visualizer. Please do not hesitate to have a look at the demonstrator!

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