IPv6 Project

Sunday, 03/30/2008, 10:32:55

Let me introduce you to the IPv6 Project I am working on.

Project description

It is obvious that IPv6 will replace IPv4 in the near future. IPv6 provides many new opportunities for the internet communication. Its extensibility allows creating new features by adding so called extension headers to the IPv6 header.
This project is about implementing an extension header called tracing header, which allows network operators to track data packet routes. With this information it will be possible for them to have an overview about the network configuration, so that they can identify possible bottlenecks at an early stage.


  • C/C++ programming experience
  • Understanding of communication networks



In this project, the network simulation tool OMNeT++ is being used. OMNeT++ provides the opportunity to simulate various communication networks.
After studying OMNeT++ and the IPv6 source code, we implemented a tracing header as an extension header for the IPv6 protocol. The screenshot below shows that every router which is used by a data packet writes his IPv6 address into the tracing header, so that it becomes easy to follow the route of a datagram.

Tracing in IPv6

Now there are a few other requests, which we have to implement before finishing this project.

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New job at Nokia Siemens Networks

Saturday, 01/19/2008, 21:55:04

Since 1st of January 2008, I have been working as a student employee at Nokia Siemens Networks. My tasks are the maintenance of websites and web tools by using PHP and JavaScript as scripting languages. I also have to develop new web tools with C under Unix.

The job at NSN is a big challenge for me. It is not easy, but I think it is a great opportunity for me to gain relevant work experience before graduating from college. My fellow workers are very friendly and cooperative, which leads to a positive working atmosphere.

I hope to learn a lot of things for my future career. So wish me luck!

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Welcome to my Website

Saturday, 09/08/2007, 14:06:21

Dear visitor,

my name is Abdulbaki Uzun, I am 26 years old and I have been studying Computer Engineering at the Berlin Institute of Technology.
With this website I would like to introduce myself to you and show you my present career highlights. By giving you detailed information about the things I've done till today, I would like to clarify my references and qualifications, so that you can get an idea of my person and contact me if desired.

In this web blog, I am going to present you interesting things of my study and career at regular intervals. At the same time this webblog is a portal to exchange information. I am looking forward to reading your comments to my blogs.

With best regards,
Abdulbaki Uzun

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