Useful links for Mobicents

Saturday, 11/08/2008, 22:10:57

The last weeks I tried to figure out how the Media Demo and the SIP Presence Service of Mobicents works. But until now, I had no success, because the tutorials available are not very detailed. That's why it is not possible to understand Mobicents more quickly.

11/27/2008: I have tested the examples of the SIP Presence Service successfully. Now I can see the presence status of the first SIP user agent on the other user agent.

Here are some useful links for beginners:

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Second oral exam in OKS

Wednesday, 11/05/2008, 19:31:34

Today I had my second oral exam in my major Open Communication Systems. The courses, in which I got examined were Open Communication Systems, Advanced Communication Systems and the IPv6 Project.
I was really afraid before going into the exam, because my professor is my employer at the same time 001. So not only the grade was important for me, it was also important to make a good impression. But I can thankfully say that I got an A. I am really happy.

Thank God, my second oral exam is over, now I just have to go through the third one in Systems Analysis and IT.

Wish me success!

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Mobicents VoIP Platform

Monday, 10/06/2008, 09:51:52

Today I want to introduce to you the Open Source VoIP Platform Mobicents.

Mobicents is a platform for VoIP applications. It includes a JBOSS Application Server, a Media Server, a SIP Presence Service and SIP Servlets. That's why it is suitable for implementing SIP based applications.

After successfully installing Mobicents and starting the JBOSS Application Server (you can find the manual here), you can try the first SIP Servlet example Click2Call. The following tutorials should help you:

Good luck!

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