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Sunday, 03/01/2009, 23:32:41

For two months I have been mainly responsible for the development of the website myLab of the Fraunhofer FOKUS research group FAME - Future Applications and Media.

myLab is an open laboratory for research of technologies for Web and Web 2.0. Here you can find demonstrations and specifications of cutting-edge technologies and components for future Web applications.

The website is based on the Content Management System Joomla and the template is completely developed by me and two colleagues of mine. You can get more information about our research group FAME and our projects by visiting the following links:

Short reminder:

At the beginning of my job at the Fraunhofer FOKUS, it was my task to update the website of the college department Open Communication Systems to the new semester and to make a few changes on it. You can have a look at it right here:

Tomorrow I am going to start working on my Master thesis.

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Never ever again...

Tuesday, 02/17/2009, 22:45:40

Last Thursday I had my last exam in the course Theoretical Computer Science, in which I got a B. My major in Power Electronics was graded with a B as well.

This semester was the hardest semester I've ever had, because since September I was constantly studying for oral exams besides my work. It was really exhausting, but when I look back and see the results now, I can say, thank God it was worth it.

Now, all my exams are over and I can happily announce: Thank God, no more exams, no more studying! I just have to write my Master thesis at FOKUS and then I can hopefully say that the chapter College in my life is over.

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The last oral exam in Systems Analysis

Saturday, 12/20/2008, 15:02:12

Last Thursday at 6pm, it was time for my final and biggest oral exam in Systems Analysis and IT. Again I was really excited, I couldn't sleep the night before and I couldn't eat anything.

But thank God, all the work I did was worth it, because I got a straight A! Even I was surprised that I passed it that good. I am very happy, because now all my major oral exams are finished and I can fully concentrate on writing my Master thesis in January.

I wish my non-muslim readers merry Christmas and a good year 2009! And for my muslim readers, happy holidays!

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