Berlin Semantic Web Meetup: Jena Spatial, GeoSparql and the GeoSpatial Semantic Web

Friday, 05/16/2014, 15:58:33

Abdulbaki @Berlin Semantic Web MeetupOn 15th of May, SNET hosted the Berlin Semantic Web Meetup with the topic Jena Spatial, GeoSparql and the GeoSpatial Semantic Web. A lot of people working in the area of Semantic Web joined this event and listened to interesting talks.

After Prof. Küpper introduced our department and research topics, I gave a talk about the Context Data Cloud being a service enabler platform hosted by mobile network operators for providing innovative context-aware services based on mobile network data. I demonstrated the OpenMobileNetwork as part of the platform and introduced Linked Crowdsourced Data as a new linked dataset enabling location analytics scenarios.

After the event, I had very interesting chats with other researchers in this area. It was a very exciting event and I look forward to joining other Semantic Web Meetups in the future!

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ComGreen is over: Final Workshop and IT2green Summit

Saturday, 05/10/2014, 15:19:35

ComGreen ConsortiumAfter 3,5 years of hard work and dedication, we have finished the project ComGreen by the end of April 2014. We as SNET enjoyed being part of the project. We had very nice partners with whom we had good collaborations on a professional level and very nice get-together events on a private level.

We would like to thank the BMWi for funding this project, the DLR for smoothly performing the project controlling as well as organization and all partners of the project consortium.

IT2green SummitOn 30th of April, SNET presented their results of the project extension during the ComGreen Final Workshop, which mainly consisted of the OMN for ComGreen Demo and the OMN Predictions Visualizer.

In addition, the BMWi invited us to the IT2green Summit where all projects gave a summary about their results and discussed improvement potentials for organizing a new funding programme such as IT2green.

In the near future, we hope to be present in other funding programmes of the BMWi and BMBF.

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OpenMobileNetwork Predictions Visualizer @CeBIT 2014

Saturday, 03/15/2014, 13:31:44

OpenMobileNetwork Predictions Visualizer @CeBIT 2014At the CEBIT 2014, the ComGreen consortium had his last project presentations at the booth of the BMWi (Hall 9, Booth E24).

Here, I demonstrated the OMN Predictions Visualizer, which showcases user movement and traffic predictions on a cellular level using the network topology data of the OpenMobileNetwork. These predictions enable mobile network operators to proactively reconfigure their network based on future movement and traffic consumption predictions.

Please feel free to read more about my CeBIT presentation within this news article on the Software Campus website!

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