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Sunday, 02/28/2010, 17:32:57

Technology meets Talent

Technology meets TalentOn Thursday, 25th of February, I was invited to the Technology meets Talent event of the Deutsche Telekom. Top managers from Telekom as well as from other companies talked about Open Innovation and Open Source. Later on, students were invited to exchange innovative ideas with these managers in BarCamps.
All in all, a very interesting event, where I have learned a lot about how companies have to change to meet the demands of today/tomorrow.
You can learn more about this event at: Technology meets Talent in Berlin.

Back at T-Labs, this time as a research scientist!

I am very happy. Last Tuesday, the 23rd of February, I had an interview at Deutsche Telekom Laboratories for a job as a research scientist in the Strategic Research area Service-centric Networking led by Prof. Dr. Axel Küpper.
After successfully presenting my Master thesis, I got a call on Wednesday with a confirmation that I got the job! I am very happy that the chapter "job search" is over. Now, I can fully concentrate on finishing my Master thesis.
As a graduate, I told myself to either follow an academic career by doing a PhD or going for a management career. I think, this question got an answer: Research!

Master thesis - Status

Five chapters are done, one big chapter is still open plus Introduction and Conclusion. If my supervisor does not has too much to complain about, I will hopefully finish the thesis soon!

Wish me success!

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Master thesis

Friday, 02/19/2010, 10:14:30

For a few months, I have been intensively working on my Master thesis. The clock started ticking on September 24th, 2009 and the deadline is on March 24th, 2010.
I finished the practical part of my thesis on January 12th and since then, I am working on the theoretical part of it. By now, I have written four chapters with 65 pages of content and I hope to finish the rest in the upcoming month.

Besides all of that, questions about my future are concerning me. Will I find a good job and where? I hope to get answers to these questions in one or two months.

All in all, I think that 2010 will be an important year for my little family and me since big chances are awaiting us and we are going to start a new life without being students anymore!

Wish me success!

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Talents in Touch 2009 - Review

Thursday, 10/22/2009, 11:20:30

Last weekend, it was time for the Talents in Touch 2009 event in Barcelona! Now, I'm back and I can say that I had a wonderful weekend. That's why I would like to share my impressions with you:

The event started on Friday at 5pm. Peter Körner, Head of Human Resources Development, made a speech and talked about Deutsche Telekom as an attractive employer.

View from the restaurant Torre dalta MarAfterwards we went to the restaurant "Torre d'alta Mar", where a welcome dinner was prepared for us. The restaurant is on a 75m-high tower and you had a wonderful view to the city of Barcelona. Here, everybody had to determine their workshop groups by finding out everybody's keyword (which were given to us earlier) and the icons on our name badges. After that, the party went on and everybody tried to get to know each other.

Every student had an observer for the three days. The observer "observed" the student and took notes on how he is reacting and solving problems and so on.

NGMN workshop groupOn Saturday morning, the CTO of Deutsche Telekom, Thomas Curran, spoke about shaping tomorrow's world. After his inspiring keynote, the students got together with their workshop groups to start with the workshop. My workshop topic was Next Generation Mobile Networks and the task was to create a future NGMN scenario for Telekom 2020 as a play. The observer sat right beside us and took some notes. That's why, I tried to show myself from my best side 001, trying to be the leader in the group and letting the other ones contribute with their ideas and so on.

Future NGMN scenario presentationThe presentation was quite good. Everybody liked it and we got a huge applause. Our slogan for the scenario: With NGMN, your beloved ones will always be there for you!

On the evening, we had our so-called White Session in a factory building, the Studio Lava. Here, everybody worked in groups on hobby topics like film and documentation, sound designing, DJ'ing or molecular cooking. After these funny experiments, we had a great party till 1am in the morning.

On Sunday, we went to T-Systems in Barcelona. The Telekom employees prepared a Marketplace there, where everybody could chat with them about career possibilities. All employees were really helpful and they've answered all questions. After the marketplace, we had our little Barcelona Experience tour and went on to have our lunch at the restaurant Opium Mar.

Later on, in the hotel, we got our individual feedback from our observer. Thank God, I got a positive feedback. Members of last year's Talents in Touch told me that if somebody gets a positive feedback, Telekom invites this person to the Telekom Students Club. Being a member of the Students Club, you can get seminars and workshops (e.g. project management etc.) for free. I hope, I will get an invitation to the Students Club 001.

All in all, I can say that Talents in Touch was a great event! I would recommend it to everybody. Deutsche Telekom is changing and they really try to motivate young talents to be a part of their company. They already got my attention 001.

You can learn more about Talents in Touch and career at Telekom in general at Twitter: twitter.com/telekomkarriere

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