OpenMobileNetwork - Thesis Proposals

Friday, 03/23/2012, 23:21:00

I have three new thesis proposals that utilize the OpenMobileNetwork:

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact me!

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Wednesday, 03/07/2012, 00:57:15

The OpenMobileNetwork is a dataset for mobile networks and devices, which is semantically modeled using the Linked Data principles. It provides structured RDF data describing mobile networks, their topology and components (e.g., base stations, mobile devices or WiFi access points). Utilizing this dataset in combination with interlinked information that is present in the LOD Cloud, various applications can be realized that depend on mobile network data (e.g., Semantic Location-based Services or Power Management in Mobile Networks).

OpenMobileNetwork - Map

In the first version of the OpenMobileNetwork, mobile network topology data from OpenCellID and OpenBMap is integrated and modeled in RDF. These two projects are open-source and collect several information via smartphone clients with the goal of creating a complete database of base stations, their cell IDs and locations worldwide.

You are highly encouraged to contact me for work collaboration in similar project areas.

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SNET presents the ComGreen Showtable @CeBIT 2012

Monday, 03/05/2012, 00:46:02

ComGreen ShowtableFor the purpose of the project, Telekom Innovation Laboratories and Service-centric Networking developed a test environment consisting of several components in order to visualize the effects of energy management algorithms for mobile networks under realistic conditions. This test environment comprises a multi radio access technology (Multi-RAT) testbed, which is a professional testbed suite consisting of a number of different radio access technology nodes. The second component is a Showtable that demonstrates an energy management scenario based on contextual information gathered from network components as well as mobile devices. These contextual parameters are collected, evaluated and delivered to the algorithms by the Context Manager.

Abdulbaki presents the ShowtableThe scenario demonstrated by the Showtable uses WiFi access points and focuses on the de- and reactivation of unused network components and the intelligent handover of the active users. As an exemplary application, video streams are used to visualize the status of the network on an external screen and to display real-time information about traffic load and power consumption. The deployed algorithm is a threshold-based policy, which switches off one of the access points in case that aggregated traffic load of both access points is below a defined threshold. At the same time, the energy management algorithms guarantee a consistently high quality of experience perceived by the user.

We would love to demonstrate the Showtable to you at the CeBIT, Hall 26, Booth G50!

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