Sunday, 09/09/2012, 23:47:03

From 5th to 7th September, I was at the I-SEMANTICS 2012 conference in Graz, Austria.

Linked Data - Theory & Practice SessionIn the Linked Data - Theory & Practice session, I presented my paper OpenMobileNetwork - Extending the Web of Data by a Dataset for Mobile Networks and Devices, which describes the semantification of mobile network data and the interlinking of it with other data in the Linking Open Data Cloud in order to create new and innovative context-aware services. I think that my paper was quite interesting for the audience, because after my talk I got a lot of interesting questions and some possible collaboration offers.

I-SEMANTICS 2012The conference itself was also very interesting and had some very good talks. However, the I-KNOW 2012 conference (which was held in conjunction with I-SEMANTICS 2012) was much bigger and therefore the number of talks in the area of Linked Data was quite limited. Nevertheless, I liked the conference and the discussions I had with other researchers, so that I will submit a new paper to the conference in 2013!

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Thursday, 08/16/2012, 02:49:16

These three papers of mine will be presented at the following conferences:

Please have a look at my full publication list.

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Online Social Networks Seminar Papers in the ST 2012

Monday, 06/25/2012, 22:46:00

In this semester's Online Social Networks Seminar expert talk, the topics presented by our students were:

After the theoretical part of the project, we are now looking forward to implementing an exciting social networks application with our students!

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