Software Campus - Management Seminars

Friday, 04/19/2013, 15:04:37

Software CampusThe Software Campus program has started a few month ago and I already had three management seminars.

In February, I was at the Train the Presenter seminar organized by Software AG. Here, presentation skills were trained based on theoretical as well as practical work. Each participant presented a topic of his choice to the audience, which represented a school class. Afterwards, the talk was analyzed by the audience as well as the trainer and individual mistakes were discussed. In the Intercultural Awareness seminar at SAP AG, Melissa Lamson dealt with four different cultural dimensions to be considered when working in an international environment. The Scheer Group, on the other hand, organized the Project Management based on the PMI Standard seminar, in which the participants got to know the basics of project management. Afterwards, Prof. Scheer joined the social event and exchanged insights with the Software Campus students.

As you can see, the management program of the Software Campus is very intense and I really appreciate the fact that I am part of this initiative!

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OpenMobileNetwork for ComGreen @CeBIT 2013

Saturday, 03/09/2013, 14:02:29

OpenMobileNetwork for ComGreen @CeBIT 2013At the CEBIT 2013, the ComGreen project partners presented their results at the IT2Green booth of the BMWi (Hall 9, Booth G50).

This year, we focused on the OpenMobileNetwork for ComGreen Demo. The demonstrator shows how semantically interlinked mobile network topology data can be utilized for a power management in mobile networks. For this purpose, we adapted the prototype for the exbition by collecting measurements in the area of the CeBIT and by presenting the power management use case based on the estimated mobile network topology in Hannover. I also had a talk at the booth where I have presented the OpenMobileNetwork in general to a wider audience and invited the people to visit the demonstrator.

All in all, it was an interesting event and I think that I was able to attract more people for this open-source project!

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Mobile World Congress - Software Campus Partners@MWC

Tuesday, 02/26/2013, 18:40:43

EIT ICT Labs@MWCSoftware Campus partners were also present at the Mobile World Congress! Deutsche Post AG demonstrated their document management software DocWallet, whereas SAP advertised their mobile services to potential customers on their big booth.

At the booth of the EIT ICT Labs, on the other hand, researchers and students from partnering research institutes demonstrated the projects they are currently working on. The KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Technical University Eindhoven, for example, work on the Affective Health Meter and Stress Meter projects that aim to prevent stress and burnout in working environments. For this purpose, several parameters from the body are sensed using a watch-like device connected via Bluetooth to a smartphone in order to calculate the "stress level" of a user. The measurements are visualized for the user to see his stress level throughout the day and actions against stress (e.g., short walk in a park) are recommended as soon as a certain stress level is reached.
Affective HealthAnother interesting project presented by the Software Campus participant Sandro was eVelofin. Here, the ICT components of an electronic bike are connected via a smartphone to a Backend server. An application framework implemented for Android allows the user to turn on/off the battery and gives him the possibility to use the electronic bike with several apps on top of the framework. A typical scenario is a hotel renting their bikes to its guests for little workout sessions in the park.

All in all, I had a lot of fun on my two-days trip to the Mobile World Congress and I am very thankful that the Software Campus gave me the opportunity to experience it. I am really excited to see what Software Campus has in store for me within the next two years! One negative aspect though were the prices for a lunch meal at the congress. So, be prepared to take some sandwiches with you. :)

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