OpenMobileNetwork @Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften 2013

Sunday, 06/09/2013, 15:04:04

OpenMobileNetwork @LNdW 2013This year's Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften took place on the 8th June, 2013. At this event, the OpenMobileNetwork was one of the projects presented by SNET to a lot of visitors throughout the whole day.

I have introduced the idea behind the project ComGreen as well as Linked Data and showcased the OpenMobileNetwork for ComGreen demonstrator along with the new Service Usage scenario. This scenario enables the optimization of the mobile network in terms of power management by exploiting dynamic network context data, such as smartphone service usage information per cell. The Service Usage button fires the exemplary query "point out all cells that have Media Streaming usage under 10%" and shows the results on the map via the yellow markers.

OpenMobileNetwork - Service Usage and WiFi Data

Furthermore, I have talked about other application scenarios that can be implemented using Cell-ID and WiFi data from the OpenMobileNetwork, such as a Restaurant Recommender Service, that notifies the user whenever he passes by restaurants that serve food fitting his eating preferences. Please visit the Linked Food website for more information.

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Internet of Services Project

Sunday, 05/12/2013, 18:06:57

Since the winter term 2012/2013, SNET offers the Internet of Services project course. In this course, a given topic is analyzed, specified, implemented, tested and documented by a group of students. The projects I have been supervising since then are:

Furthermore, we had some interesting graduate seminar meetings and more to follow. Please find below the dates:

You will find new graduate seminar meeting dates on this website as soon as we organize them.

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WMNC 2013

Monday, 04/29/2013, 16:20:59

WMNC 2013From 23rd to 25th April, the Canadian University of Dubai held the 6th Joint IFIP Wireless & Mobile Networking Conference (WMNC 2013), where I have presented my accepted paper Estimating Locations and Coverage Areas of Mobile Network Cells based on Crowdsourced Data in Session C5 - Cellular Networks. The paper analyzes state-of-the-art position estimation algorithms for deriving mobile network cell locations out of crowdsourced data and evaluates them in terms of distance to real positions.

The conference was perfectly organized and the social events were a once-in-a-lifetime experience! However, from my point of view, the research topics at the conference were more focused on the network and physical layer, so I had to be very picky with the paper presentations on each session.

Nevertheless, I am very happy that I was part of this conference and got to know very nice people within an amazing week in Dubai!

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