Software Campus Summit

Friday, 10/03/2014, 22:50:12

Abdulbaki @Software Campus SummitOn 1st of October, the EIT ICT Labs in Berlin hosted the first ever Software Campus Summit. 30 participants of the Software Campus program presented their project results to representatives from the BMBF, the DLR, and other industry partners.

Here, I introduced the Context Data Cloud as a service enabler platform hosted by mobile network operators for providing innovative context-aware services based on mobile network data. I demonstrated the Location Analytics Map and discussed our novel Semantic Positioning that overcomes the limitations of classic geofencing methods and adds semantic features to proactive self-referencing and cross-referencing LBS. In addition, I showcased the applicability of our approach with the Friend Tracker service of the CDCApp. Please have a look:

Author: Abdulbaki[comment?]